Flagship naturally smoked with a distinctive flavor.
15 months of aging nurtures the flavor and texture of Flagship to perfection. The cheese is than naturally smoked over a distinctive blend of apple and cherry wood, resulting in Flagship’s signature robust and nutty flavor infused with the heady, fruity essence of natural hardwood smoke.
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Make your own award-winning mac and cheese.
Our "World's Best" Mac & Cheese Kit lets you make your own delicious batch of our award-winning mac and cheese.

A perfect gift for cheese-loving friends and family, the Kit includes:
  • Recipe to the "World's Best" Mac & Cheese
  • Beecher's Flagship cheese 2/3 lb
  • Beecher's Just Jack cheese 1/3 lb
  • All-natural penne pasta 12 oz

*Does not include staple ingredients such as flour, milk or butter. Is not packaged in wooden box. Packaged in a black cardboard gift box.
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